Brando Anselm

I wanted to work on a medieval type of soldier, and thought that the helmet and pauldron created a different and creative silhouette. Similar to my other projects, I started with a block-out in Maya before bringing it into ZBrush for the high poly sculpt. Hard surface details make more sense in Quixel and I used a mixture of Substance Painter, Photoshop, and NDO to get the texture work done. I used The Setup Machine for Games for the rig in Maya. Once it was all animated, I brought it into Unreal 4 (4.10) and played around with the lighting.

I chose the name Brando Anselm for the mercenary. I felt that an old Germanic name seemed to fit him best.

The original concept by Youngmin Suh can be found here:

Brando Anselm Breakdown

Dave greenberg merc1

Lit in Unreal 4 (front view)

Dave greenberg merc4

Lit in Unreal 4 (back view)

Dave greenberg merc5


Dave greenberg merc6


Dave greenberg merc2

Unlit in Unreal 4

Dave greenberg merc3

Details in Unreal 4